Upcoming Events

Below is the list of events for the current Maryland IFT year. Please note that dates and locations may be subject to change. Click on the event info link for detailed information.


Meet our officers!  Linked below is contact information, we welcome you to reach out with any questions, ideas, or feedback regarding the Maryland Section of IFT!

Office Name Company
President Chuck Carlson Accurate Ingredients
Past President Rohan Tikekar University of Maryland
President-Elect Kiri Michell Ingredion
Secretary Avery Bray Gotham Greens
Co-Treasurer Gina Piscopo Medifast
Co-Treasurer Open Position Inquire to Linked E-mail
Director at Large Open Position Inquire to Linked E-mail
Director at Large Cathy (Chengchu) Liu University of Maryland
Director at Large Gabby Quintana McCormick & Co
Communications Committee Chair Alexa Vaughan Chesapeake Spice Company
Communications Committee Ronnie Daub Ingredient Connections Inc
Communications Committee Jessica Raskin Ingredion
Membership Committee Chair Carolyn Fisher Retired
Membership Committee Open Position Inquire to Linked E-mail
Student Representative Samantha Lieberman University of Maryland
Student Representative Aishwarya Pradeep Rao University of Maryland

Click here to view our Maryland Section By-Laws (Updated 03/2021)